Important Updates
Week of April 27, 2020
Wednesday, May 6, 9:00am – 12:00pm
The Volunteer Advocacy training is postponed until Wednesday, May 6 from 9-noon. Please take advantage of this opportunity to have folks interested in helping your organizations during this time to receive basic training for handling crisis calls, working with people seeking services. Topics cover DVSA 101, the history of the movements to end violence against women, and advocacy-based counseling.  Christina and Lauree will be following up with weekly calls for attendees to ask questions/learn more/share more with each other.  
Please share this registration link with new volunteers who want to attend:
Contact Lauree Morton at or 957-0014 for more information.
  • The Alaska Court System has sent guidance out that they are permitting trial courts to do some additional telephonic hearings including interim order hearings in divorce/custody cases, some eviction hearings, expanded criminal hearings, default judgment hearings, status hearings, uncontested adoptions, name changes.  Jury trials, grand jury and all criminal and civil trials remain suspended through May 31.
  • The Alaska Court System is allowing parties to file new cases by email and to pay filing fees online.  If parties cannot pay the filing fee, they must file a notice to waive the fee and the court will hold off on issuing a summons in the case until the motion is ruled on or the fee is paid.
Click to view sample Text Line Protocols and Text Line Quick Sheet developed by an ANDVSA program. Programs can contact Rebekah Moras at or 444-9591 with questions about remote work and remote advocacy. 
  • FVPSA sent an update on April 22 regarding the release of the CARES Act supplemental funding. Programs are encouraged to identify their unmet needs and be prepared to respond once the funding is released. Read the full update here.
  • On April 20, ANDVSA sent an letter to Dr. Zink, Division of Public Health and CDVSA with a contexual analysis and recommendations for the COVID-19 response in DVSA programs. Read the letter here.
  • NNEDV shared a list of recommendations from medical professionals regarding the response to COVID-19 in shelters. These recommendations will be discussed in the April 30 programs call with Lauree Morton. Read the recommendations here.
Question: If a DV shelter is utilizing a hotel for lodging for a COVID-19 positive program participant, do they have an obligation to inform the hotel since the shelter is paying for the lodging? 
The response from NNEDV:  Programs absolutely have an affirmative legal obligation under VAWA and FVPSA to protect all information about that program participant from disclosure to anyone without fully free and willing written permission. What the person discloses to the hotel is up to him or her.
People check into hotels everyday who have various contagious conditions. No one checking into a hotel is required to report if they have HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis. This is no different unless there is some superseding law put into place as the result of an emergency declaration.

Visit ANDVSA’s COVID-19 Resource Page for more information and resources. 

Connect and Learn

Webinars and Trainings

Pregnancy and Intimate Partner Violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Emergencies such as natural disasters, pandemic diseases, and disasters of human origin disrupt daily life for everyone, but pregnant persons are particularly affected due to unique health concerns that may not be adequately addressed in disasters and public health crises. The primary strategy to combat COVID-19, “Stay at Home and Stay Safe” orders may be placing victims and survivors of domestic violence at even greater risk. Join this webinar to hear strategies for keeping pregnant women and families safe and to gain information on resources available to protect those who are the most vulnerable.
WHEN: Wednesday, April 29, 10am - 11am

National LGBTQ Institute on IPV: Spring Webinars

National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence is hosting a series of webinars in April and May. This webinar series aims to support the field to increase LGBTQ access and inclusion in direct services, policy, research practices and more.
Visit the NW Network website to see upcoming webinars and register.

Office Hours and Calls

COVID-19 Program Responses Call
DVSA service providers are invited to participate in this call to discuss our response to the coronavirus outbreak.
WHEN: Thursdays, 10am – 11am. Next call is scheduled for April 30. 
JOIN: For more information, contact Lauree at or 907-947-0014.
Legal Program Office Hours
 Attend ANDVSA’s Legal Team Office Hours to ask your legal and advocacy related question, participate in discussions and learn from other advocates.
WHEN: Fridays, 1pm – 2pm. Next call is scheduled for May 1.
JOIN: For more information, contact Mindy at or 907-747-7545. 
Prevention in the time of COVID-19
Alaskan Preventionists are invited to join this call to connect, learn from, and support each other as we adapt our work to our current community context. Bring your ideas, questions and resources. ANDVSA will be sharing some from the national prevention conversation.
WHEN: Wednesdays, 3pm - 4pm. Next call is scheduled for April 29.
JOIN: contact Rae Romberg at

Reach out with questions

Domestic Violence Response
including community resources and response planning for survivors with multiple needs; housing, medical care, addiction and treatment, mental health and wellness
Christina Love, or 907-419-5110
Sexual Assault Response
including crisis calls, SART participation, anonymous reporting & stalking
Lauree Morton, or 907-957-0014
Legal Issues & Confidentiality
including family law matters, court processes, subpoenas & legal representation
Christine Pate, or 907-738-2880
Katy Soden, or 907-297-2791
Rae Romberg, or 907-299-4814
Program & Organizational Administration
including funder compliance, financial questions & organizational policies
Carmen Lowry, or 907-957-2542
including economic justice, accessibility, housing, remote work or service delivery
Rebekah Moras, or 907-444-9591
including technology, social media & messaging
Maria Swoboda, or 907-957-4335
Or call the Juneau office at 907-586-3650 to be directed.



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