Important Updates
Week of May 11, 2020
The Alaska Court System has issued new information on evictions on their website. In general, evictions for non-payment of rent continued to be stayed until June 30 under state law. For renters who are in financial distress and unable to pay rent, there are forms on the Court System website that renters can use to ask for a rental agreement modification. If signed by the tenant and the landlord, these would provide a means for deferring rental payments until the tenant is better able to pay. Find these forms and several FAQs about changes to eviction proceedings on the Court System website.
Question: Can releases of information be sent through text?
Answer from Carol L. Schrader, Senior Staff Attorney, Victim Rights Law Center
A written, signed, VAWA-compliant release of information (ROI) can be one of the options you offer to the person whose information is being released. You would want to be sure that the person sending or receiving the text understands the advantages and risks of sending the release via texting so that the text doesn’t compromise their privacy or safety.
It is not suggested to send/receive as part of a group text or to a shared account. You could get caught up in a cycle of needing ROIs to send the ROI, i.e., you couldn’t release the information to anyone else on the text chain or account without an ROI.

Visit ANDVSA’s COVID-19 Resource Page for more information and resources. 

Connect and Learn

Webinars and Trainings

SAMHSA: Recovery from Substance Use Disorders and Homelessness

Experiencing both substance use disorders and homelessness comes with a unique set of challenges. Concerns regarding housing stability, access to services and care, criminal justice system involvement, and recovery supports can be daily realities for many individuals. People who experience homelessness and substance use disorders face particular barriers but also possess strengths and resiliencies that support recovery and stability.
In this webinar, individuals who have experienced both homelessness and substance use disorders will share the services and supports that helped them the most during this time and what really made a difference in their recovery and journey out of homelessness. The speakers will also draw on their experience helping others toward recovery and housing. 
WHEN: May 14, 9:00am - 10:15am AKDT

National LGBTQ Institute on IPV: Spring Webinars

National LGBTQ Institute on Intimate Partner Violence is hosting a series of webinars in April and May. This webinar series aims to support the field to increase LGBTQ access and inclusion in direct services, policy, research practices and more.
Visit the NW Network website to see upcoming webinars and register.

Office Hours and Calls

COVID-19 Program Responses Call
DVSA service providers are invited to participate in this call to discuss our response to the coronavirus outbreak.
WHEN: Thursdays, 10am – 11am. Next call is scheduled for May 14. 
JOIN: For more information, contact Lauree at or 907-947-0014.
Legal Program Office Hours
 Attend ANDVSA’s Legal Team Office Hours to ask your legal and advocacy related question, participate in discussions and learn from other advocates.
WHEN: Fridays, 1pm – 2pm. Next call is scheduled for May 15.
JOIN: For more information, contact Mindy at or 907-747-7545. 
Prevention in the time of COVID-19
Alaskan Preventionists are invited to join this call to connect, learn from, and support each other as we adapt our work to our current community context. Bring your ideas, questions and resources. ANDVSA will be sharing some from the national prevention conversation.
WHEN: Wednesdays, 3pm - 4pm. Next call is scheduled for May 13.
JOIN: For more information, contact Rae at

Reach out with questions

Domestic Violence Response
including community resources and response planning for survivors with multiple needs; housing, medical care, addiction and treatment, mental health and wellness
Christina Love, or 907-419-5110
Sexual Assault Response
including crisis calls, SART participation, anonymous reporting & stalking
Lauree Morton, or 907-957-0014
Legal Issues & Confidentiality
including family law matters, court processes, subpoenas & legal representation
Christine Pate, or 907-738-2880
Katy Soden, or 907-297-2791
Rae Romberg, or 907-299-4814
Program & Organizational Administration
including funder compliance, financial questions & organizational policies
Carmen Lowry, or 907-957-2542
including economic justice, accessibility, housing, remote work or service delivery
Rebekah Moras, or 907-444-9591
including technology, social media & messaging
Maria Swoboda, or 907-957-4335
Or call the Juneau office at 907-586-3650 to be directed.



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